Vehicle Rollover

Vehicle Rollover Lawyers in California

Rollover crashes account for one-third of passenger vehicle mortalities according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and the digits are only spiral ling upwards. While rollover accidents may still not be as frequent as head-on or rear-end collisions, the resulting injuries can  be quite serious, with higher probabilities of death.

Due to a narrow wheel track and a higher center of gravity, SUV’s and pickup trucks have a greater tendency to overturn than passenger cars. Moreover, they are incapable of supporting their own curb weight when they overturn, causing serious injury or death to occupants. Promoted as sports-vehicles that can navigate steadily through off-road settings, SUV’s are not usually equipped with safety features to diminish rollover risk. Upon rollover, vehicles also have a propensity to catch fire or explode.

Automobile-makers are bound to the highest consumer safety standards while designing and constructing vehicles intended for the public. Ideally, the weight distribution and steering mechanisms on vehicles should be designed in a manner that they lessen the possibility of rollovers, and vehicle frames are to be built resilient enough to impede a roof from crushing in the event a rollover does occur. Victims of rollovers caused by design defects may entitled to seek compensation from the manufacturer.

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