What Should I Do If I Told the Insurance Company that I Was Okay After the Wreck But Now I Am Not?

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For those of us who have been in a car accident, we are familiar with the adrenaline rush, that likely kept us from feeling any injuries. Later, as we rest and unwind, those injuries start making themselves known with sore muscles and more. Of course, most of us are familiar with the main steps to take after a car accident. However, those initial conversations with the insurance company might involve you telling them that you feel fine.

Later, if you don’t feel fine, you might find yourself in a difficult position to have your medical costs covered. To avoid potentially compromising your health and legal rights, you need to keep a few keys things in mind.

1. You Do Not Have to Talk to the Other Insurance Company

You might get a call from the other driver’s insurance company, asking you multiple questions regarding the accident. While they might appear friendly, it is important to be cautious about what you tell them. The goal is to protect your rights and your health. If there is any potential that you, the other driver, or a passenger might make a claim for serious injuries, then you shouldn’t speak to the other insurance company without legal representation.

In Long Beach, CA, a car accident lawyer can help you to navigate the interview without risking your legal rights. Another reason to not speak to the other insurance company is if you have a car accident attorney or claims adjuster from your insurance company that can speak on your behalf.

However, this comes with a caveat. It might be worth talking to the other insurance company if the other driver was clearly at fault or may have lied to their insurance company, trying to put the blame on you. They may not know how much damage was done or the extent of any potential injuries. It is wise to still have this conversation with your Long Beach car accident attorney present.

2. Soft Tissue Injuries Might Not Show Up Right Away

Car accidents generate a lot of force, even if the two vehicles involved were not traveling at a high speed. Drivers and passengers may come to a sudden stop or they might get thrown around in the passenger area. Stress is placed on the joints and other areas of your body that are less protected.

Whiplash is an injury to the neck muscles when the head is suddenly and forcefully thrown forward and then back. That type of injury is one of those soft tissue injuries, which can result in pnoopener nofollowain, swelling, and reduced mobility. However, it doesn’t always show up right away. You might find it taking days to manifest.

Therefore, it is important to get a medical examination after the accident and then be sure to go back if you start to notice any changes.

3. Concussions Can Appear Later

There is also the possibility that you might have a concussion resulting from the force of the accident. While some of the symptoms of a concussion are obvious, other might be more subtle, including clouded thinking, an inability to concentrate, difficulty remembering new information, headache, blurry vision, nausea, abnormal sleep patterns, and dizziness. If you start noticing these symptoms, then you should get yourself checked out right away.

What To Do If You Are In a Car Accident

Once the accident is over, you need to see a doctor if you feel any level of pain or discomfort. In fact, it might be worth seeing a doctor, even if you feel just fine. Your doctor can help you to determine if you have sustained injuries that you might not feel right after the accident.

A medical professional can also give you advice on how to monitor for potential symptoms, especially the red flags that you should be on the lookout for over the next few days. Overall, make sure that you have any medical issues clearly documented, in case it becomes an issue later.

Also, do not be quick to settle with the other insurance company, particularly if they offer you a release of any claims that you might have. Wait to settle until you are sure all accident injuries have manifested. Your health professional can help you to determine how long that is likely to be.

If you have any questions after a car accident, it is important to seek an experienced Long Beach car accident attorney. They can help you to protect your legal rights throughout the claims process. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys provide a consultation to help you understand your rights.

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