COVID-19: How Coronavirus Might Affect Your Personal Injury Case

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According to the CDC, the number of Coronavirus (COVID -19) positive cases in the United States now stands at 395,011. This figure will likely surpass the 400,000 mark by the end of this first week of April, further heightening fears about the ravaging implications of this public health crisis. In New York, the health sector has taken the hardest hit, considering that the state remains the epicenter of the Novel virus.

Despite the situation, justice deferred is justice denied. Will the Coronavirus affect your personal injury case? This concern is one that many New Yorkers are grappling with currently. Read on to find out more.

Your Case Is Important, and Delay Is Not an Option

Have you suffered injuries in an accident recently and wonder how to ensure the current pandemic does not subvert your claim? You have every reason to push forward with the application until you reach a logical conclusion. However, the recent court closures due to the Coronavirus in most states, including New York, may affect the progression of the case process.

Many litigants with personal injury cases now face this unprecedented situation. Is your goose cooked? Well, not yet.

What Should You Do Under the Circumstances?

An accident has the potential to bring your life to a halt. The cost of healthcare and the lost opportunity to make a living are some of the present realities you must now embrace. So how can you ensure that justice is not denied even in the thick of the Coronavirus?

You need to ensure that the legal firm representing you can continue pushing for a resolution during this Coronavirus outbreak. Such a firm must have the infrastructure to continue serving you despite the contagion. Personal injury law firms that operate an entirely paperless system stand the highest chance of delivering on their promise during this period.

Such extraordinary circumstances call for a personal injury lawyer with the capacity to keep pushing for a resolution, albeit remotely. This process means that such law firms must have the technological capability to maintain communication with the various enjoined parties. Law firms with the capacity to push your case through videoconferencing can help you resolve the claim, the pandemic notwithstanding.

The Pressure to Settle the Case Is Real Amid the Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the global economy, one of the immediate consequences has been the growing financial uncertainty. If you are still in the process of settling your personal injury case, the temptation to jump on to the most recent settlement offer might be overwhelming.

You need to sit down and consider the possible implication of your decision. Settling your injury case under pressure will compromise the possibility of putting a fair dollar value on your claim. What should you do amid this crisis?

You need a highly qualified and aggressive personal injury lawyer at this point. The majority of personal injury claims end at the litigation stage through a resolution. As such, you should consider working with a personal injury lawyer who can overcome the odds and deliver a favorable settlement.

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

The Coronavirus NYC statistics are pushing the State into the new strict stay at home orders as a containment measure. As such, the criminal justice system is in paralysis.

Nevertheless, your personal injury claim is urgent, and a favorable resolution would help to avoid the denial of justice. If you want to ensure that your personal injury claim results in a favorable outcome, it will help to work with an aggressive law firm.

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